Documentary - Videography - Editing 

Linnea Langkammer is a filmmaker with a diverse background in photography and neuroscience, producing projects that weave compelling imagery, emotional stories, and moral ambiguities. Her films emphasize the visual image and a scientific curiosity with detail, as she creatively explores an often internal world. Her last two short documentaries, Number 32 and Road Elegy, have screened at film festivals worldwide, winning several awards. At times personal and at others political, there is always an emphasis on the visceral and the visual.  Linnea is currently working on Facing East, a short documentary that investigates the refugee crisis in Macedonia


An excitable, somewhat rambling, Bay Area native with an MFA in Film and Media Arts at Temple University. My first trek into film came when I bought a cheap camcorder with the intention to prove Santa’s existence. Although that is no longer my main goal, the desire to explore the unseeable and intangible continues to define my work. I investigate deeply emotional, nuanced, and psychological stories in both documentary and narrative forms.