Facing East(2018)

As the Macedonian political crisis reaches a climax, a young aid worker reflects on his childhood as a refugee as he attempts to help present-day refugees from all over the world.  

Grants                                                                                                          Trailer

Completion Grant, Temple University (December 2016)

Dean's Art Grant, Temple University (February 2016)




Road Elegy (2016)

Fifteen years ago, my mother received a devastating phone call: her identical twin and best friend had died. Together, we drive from our home in the Bay Area to Arizona, to visit her grave for the first time in over a decade. As we pass lush rolling hills and the dry desert landscape, she talks about her sister: about their past and the future they didn’t have. Road Elegy is a visually striking and poetic documentary about a mother and daughter, an 18-hour road trip, and the inability to heal.       

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Festivals & Awards                                                                                     Excerpt

Diamond Screen Film and Media Arts Festival      Philadelphia, PA May 2017

First Take Film Series                                               Philadelphia, PA April 2017 

West Virginia Mountaineer Short Film Festival   Morgantown,  WV March 2017

Philly Film Showcase                                               Philadelphia, PA December 2016

Chicago Shorts Film Festival                                        Chicago, IL   March 2016                    


Distribution Grant, Temple University (November 2015)

Dean's Arts Grant, Temple University (January 2015)



Number 32 (2014)

Young researchers hope to do their part in the advancement of science as they struggle with the ethical and emotional burden of animal experimentation. Through powerful imagery and the exploration of human emotions, animal research is presented as a complicated practice that shapes more than just the lives’ of the rats.

Festivals & Awards

Science-On! Film Festival                                                Reno, NV  May 2018

Women's Fest                                                        Philadelphia, PA March 2017

Philly Film Showcase                                             Philadelphia, PA July 2016

Rough Cut Film Festival                                         Philadelphia, PA June 2016

Nevada International Film Festival                            Las Vegas, NV   December 2015

Imagine Science International Film Festival     New York, New York October 2015

Shnit International Shortfilmfestival                       Bern, Switzerland October 2015

Docuwest Film Festival                                                     Denver, CO September 2015

Chicago Shorts Film Festival                                             Chicago, IL April 2015 (Best Documentary) 

Watersprite International Film Festival              Cambridge, England March 2015                                                                            

Raw Science Film Festival                                            Pasadena, CA December 2014 (Best Documentary) 




Travel Grant, Temple University              October 2015

Distribution Grant, Temple University            May 2015

Travel Grant, Temple University                 March 2015